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Book on Treasure Hunting Research is finally done and up on Amazon

Posted by on January 6, 2013

About time!  Several years in the making, finally at an end.

The book is done and already available on Amazon. To see it just click on the book cover.

It focuses on aiding metal detectorsists how to research and the resources and critical skills to do it properly. I wish I had read this years ago when I got my first detector.

2 Responses to Book on Treasure Hunting Research is finally done and up on Amazon

  1. Elton Tooahnippah

    I have purchased and read your research book and it is my new Bible. The direction and resources you give are fantastic and my skill set of property location and ownership grew exponentially over night. I also love the mapping software and my copy of The Romance of Treasure Trove came in from the U.K. today. Keep up the great work and I look forward to learning everything you have to teach.

    • von Helsing

      I’m glad my book has found worthy hands. There are many uses for the knowledge above and beyond just treasure hunting. If you like that much, I’d appreciate a review on Amazon. It is a new book and none have reviewed it.

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