Drug baron safe

Research Research Research!

Workers tearing down a Florida mansion which was once owned by the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar have found a hidden safe.

The new owners of the Miami mansion had hired professional treasure hunters to search the rubble.

They believe Escobar, who was one of the richest men in the world when he was killed by Colombian police, may have hidden cash and diamonds there.

The safe, which weighs 600kg (1,325lb), has not been opened yet….


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Largest gold hoard in Israel ever found

Gold coins found underwater in Cesarea

From the J. Post:

“The largest treasure of gold coins discovered in Israel was found in recent weeks on the seabed in the ancient harbor in Caesarea National Park, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said on Tuesday.

A group of divers from the diving club in the harbor reported the find to the IAA whose officials then went with the divers to the location with a metal detector and uncovered almost 2,000 gold coins from the Fatimid period (eleventh century CE) in different denominations: a dinar, half dinar and quarter dinar, of various dimensions and weight…”


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Major 12th century coin hoard found

Good research pays off again!


Metal detector enthusiasts in Buckinghamshire have uncovered what is thought to be one of biggest hoards of ancient coins ever found in Britain.

Paul Coleman from the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club discovered more than 5,000 coins buried inside a lead bucket two feet under a field near Aylesbury.

The hoard contains specimens dating back to the 11th Century – the late Anglo Saxon, early Norman period…  more at


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Košice Gold Treasure


“The so called Košice Gold Treasure was discovered on 24 August 1935, during the reconstruction of the building at 68 Hlavná Street in Košice and has since been one of the most significant finds of its kind in the world. Weighing 11.5 kilograms, it comprises 2920 gold coins, three medals and a 2.14 m long Renaissance chain. Deposited in a copper casket engraved with animal motives, the treasure was found in what was once the building of Spiš Chamber. ”

Košice Gold Treasure

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Fenwick Roman Jewelry Hoard Found


“Roman jewellery has been discovered during excavations at an Essex department store.

Gold and silver armlets, bracelets, rings and coins were found buried in the remains of a Roman house beneath Williams and Griffin in Colchester.

It is thought they were hidden by their wealthy owner in AD61, when Boudicca’s British tribes burnt down the town.”

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Second Jewish Revolt Coin Hoard Found

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority have unearthed a cache of 114 bronze coins, dating to the Year Four of the Great Revolt, at an archaeological site on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  On one side, the coins are stamped with a chalice and the Hebrew inscription “To the Redemption of Zion.”…


Note heavy oxidation coating on coins


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New Treasure Book Out

I’ve completed editing and republishing a wonderful fiction book of a treasure hunt written in 1887.  It was a good tale, with plausible plot and very detailed on the experiences in Paraguay. The original author was a naturalist and had travelled extensively in Paraguay. He also had found a treasure hoard while there, according to rumor.

Go get it and enjoy!

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Good research brings in $14 million

Following up on leads using analysis to figure out whether they are worth pursuing or not. In this case, they felt the lead was believable and viable.



“Reg Mead and Richard Miles, two English metal detector enthusiasts, have discovered a trove of approximately 50,000 coins dating back to the Iron Age (2,000 years ago). The discovery comes after 30 years of looking for the stash, a hunt that began after a woman told the duo her father came across coins in the field many years earlier, reports The Sun.

Officials estimate that the coins, which weigh three quarters of a ton, are worth around 10 million British Pounds, or $15.6 million. Mead told the BBC that “the old French law is finders keepers,” indicating that the pair hope to split the bounty with the farmer who owns the land…”

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Most times you blunder when you talk about your treasure


“The “greatest buried treasure ever unearthed in the United States” is about to be hit by the tax collector.

According to Kathleen Pender, a columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle, the couple who found in cans buried on their property more than 1,400 rare gold coins worth more than $10 million will probably owe close to half of that sum in federal and state income tax, whether or not they sell the coins.

She quoted a 2013 tax guide in which the IRS stated: “If you find and keep property that does not belong to you that has been lost or abandoned (treasure-trove), it is taxable to you at its fair market value in the first year it is in your undisputed possession.”…

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Sometimes you blunder into treasure


Published: Feb. 25, 2014 Updated: 12:30 p.m.

LOS ANGELES – A Northern California couple out walking their dog on their Gold Country property stumbled across a modern-day bonanza: $10 million in rare, mint-condition gold coins buried in the shadow of an old tree.

Nearly all of the 1,427 coins, dating from 1847 to 1894, are in uncirculated, mint condition, said David Hall, co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, which recently authenticated them. Although the face value of the gold pieces only adds up to about $27,000, some of them are so rare that coin experts say they could fetch nearly $1 million apiece.

“I don’t like to say once-in-a-lifetime for anything, but you don’t get an opportunity to handle this kind of material, a treasure like this, ever,” said veteran numismatist Don Kagin, who is representing the finders. “It’s like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

Kagin, whose family has been in the rare-coin business for 81 years, would say little about the couple other than that they are husband and wife, are middle-aged and have lived for several years on the rural property where the coins were found. They have no idea who put them there, he said….

For more see:  http://www.ocregister.com/articles/coins-603175-gold-kagin.html

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