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Author Archives: von Helsing

About von Helsing

Engineer and Treasure Hunter.

Drug baron safe

Research Research Research! Workers tearing down a Florida mansion which was once owned by the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar have found a hidden safe. The new owners of the Miami mansion had hired professional treasure hunters to search the rubble. They believe Escobar, who was one of the richest men in the world … Continue reading »

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Košice Gold Treasure

  “The so called Košice Gold Treasure was discovered on 24 August 1935, during the reconstruction of the building at 68 Hlavná Street in Košice and has since been one of the most significant finds of its kind in the world. Weighing 11.5 kilograms, it comprises 2920 gold coins, three medals and a 2.14 m … Continue reading »

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Crusader Cache found

The treasure, more than 100 gold pieces weighing about 400 grams, is estimated to be worth more than $100,000. The coins were found hidden in a partly broken pottery vessel at the Appollonia National Park near Herzliya, the site where archaeologists believe the ancient Crusader town of Apollonia-Arsuf once stood. The hoard includes 108 gold … Continue reading »

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Useful Treasure and Metal Detecting Books

Some reference books are good only because of all the citations they provide to related first and secondary source works. This is one of them. The Adventures of a Treasure Hunter, 1951 by Charles P Everitt  – Ironically this is NOT about treasure, it is about a man who is a book finder and book … Continue reading »

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Historical US Coastal Survey Charts

NOAA’s US Coast Survey Historical Maps The coastline of the US is important to both shipping and defense. Because of this, the government commissioned charts made of the US coasts. These have now fallen into the hands of the NOAA and they have been scanned. These charts show nautical items, but also will show where … Continue reading »

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