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Author Archives: von Helsing III

Book on Treasure Hunting Research is finally done and up on Amazon

About time!  Several years in the making, finally at an end. The book is done and already available on Amazon. To see it just click on the book cover. It focuses on aiding metal detectorsists how to research and the resources and critical skills to do it properly. I wish I had read this years … Continue reading »

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Bulgarian Treasure Trove Found

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The oldest gold hoard ever found. In 1972, during excavations at the Chalcolithic necropolis of a settlement dating to the end of the fifth millennium BC near the present-day city of Varna on the Black Sea coast, archaeologists revealed traces of a civilization equal to that of Egypt and Mesopotamia

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British Gold Coin Hoard Found from Roman Times

Source: Armed with a basic metal detector, a first-time treasure hunter in Britain reportedly has uncovered a trove of Roman-era gold coins that experts believe represents one of the largest such finds in England’s history. The cache of coins – Roman solidi dating back to the 4 th century – is estimated to be … Continue reading »

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Video of Ancient Ramle Gold Coin Hoard

A hoard of gold coins found by archeologist, documented and studied. We have the good fortune of seeing the treasure and understanding the context by which it was found in. The treasure hunting lessons that I walk away with is: 1. that businessmen have and will continue to want to protect their wealth on the … Continue reading »

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Treasure Cache found in ancient courtyard in Isreal

The IAA put out a press release of a treasure hoard found buried in a courtyard.  Little has changed in human nature. When threatened with civil unrest, we like to bury our valuables under our floor. or in the garden/ courtyard.  Little has changed in the last 2,000 years. “…The rooms of a building … Continue reading »

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Hidden Jewel of a Treasure Hunting Book

There are crappy treasure hunting books, and there are great treasure hunting books. However, there are few awesome treasure hunting books.  I have found an extraordinary one, and wish to share. Written in 1933, somewhere in Great Britain, this tome clearly represented a lifetime of passionate research. At first, I believed it was a PhD … Continue reading »

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WW2 Aircraft Treasure Found

Hats off to David Cundall, who clearly did good research and vetted sources to find over a dozen buried war surplus Spitfires buried in Burma by Allied troops! Well done!

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US Treasure Trove Law

There is a well written and heavily cited document on US treasure trove law produced by John Kleeberg.  You can find a copy for your files over at which is a Deep Web research site. You can download your copy of the Treasure Trove Law here  

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Treasure Lead Generation pages added

Research is a critical part of treasure hunting, but you need a lead to start your research in earnest. So I’ve put up a bit about where to get initial leads, and then the research can begin. Treasure Lead Generation

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