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Generating Treasure Leads

Obtaining and Vetting Treasure Leads

What lead you want is dependent on the class of treasure you seek.

You have an idea you want leads. That is good. Now, you just need to find where you want to go. Every story has a beginning and an end. What do you want to research for? Artifacts of ancestors? Old coins? Caches? Old west relics? Moonshiner stuff? Outlaw loot? Militaria? UXO? Well, maybe not UXO (UneXploded Ordinance aka bombs) unless you are with the bomb squad or have a death wish.

Each area has a different start in the lead generation process. You don’t check military archives for outlaw loot stuff, or stage coach records for battlegrounds.

So I’ll break this down into sections:

  • Geneology
  • Old Coin Areas
  • Cache
  • Prohibition
  • Battleground
  • Military Camps and Bases
  • Outlaw Loot
  • Old West
  • Specialty Targets

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