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Geneology Research


There are many treasure leads that will require you to do genealogy. I just thought I’d go in head first and tell you. This will be a typical research area for cache hunters or those who want to find ancestor stuff.

I’m a rip-off-the-bandaid kind of guy, so you need to know the base truth – learn your genealogy skill well.

Knowing how to research Genealogy will serve you well, and provide you with empathy for that relative who does your family’s genealogy. (Every family has someone who goes down the rabbit hole hunting all of the ancestors.)

Further, near the end of your research process, when you are out in the field establishing ground truth and doing reconnaissance you have a cover story. Just say you are doing research for a local history book or a bit of genealogy. Often, by the end of a deep research stint, you actually could knock out a 50-100 page local history book. But more importantly, you will break the social ice and be accepted as an outsider who wants to write about the local area. You may even be invited to seek out the local historian/genealogist who will give you new tantalizing leads to hunt down.

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