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Military Camps and Bases

For those seeking buttons, belt buckles and other baubles. Owning them brings people closer to history. Thus, a collector’s markets quickly forms after every war. Usually the underdog side is the most coveted of the two. In the case of the Civil War, the Confederates. With the First Jewish War, it is the Jewish freedom coins that are coveted. Nothing changes, people collect the underdog.

The target on bases and camps is the relics left behind, typically buttons and coins, the odd buckle, bucket, bayonet, bullet, and other hardware that gets left behind.

The leads on this is the same for battlefields,  but it will be more obscure and hidden in the text. Battles make news and are well documented, bases, however, are boring static things that are a place where soldiers were merely stationed. So you may have to read deeper into texts, memoirs, and back track movement patterns of armies to figure out where the bases were.

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