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Specialty Treasure Leads

Other Specialty Treasure

By ‘other’ I’m referring to the unusual treasure hunting target. Like finding a movie prop that was used in a popular film. (Can you say Maltese Falcon?) Or a spare shell for a Russian space satellite. (Sputnik had several spare shells, one was sold to a collector I know.)

It was in hunting rare specialty treasure that I developed my research skills and really earned my chops. I was seeking a rare class of treasure, and reports of early accounts are very hard to identify and to acquire. Eventually, I was forced into learning deep web research and good research techniques to obtain the sources I had to have. Some sources were so rare, I’d have to fly to university libraries to put hands on rare books in non-circulating collections. But I got my leads, and occasionally found the targets.

Ultimately this led to many successful hunts, and many many more unsuccessful ones. It also led to appearing on local TV occasionally.

In time, I graduated to overseas expeditions to South America, Asia, and Africa, which was a reward in an of itself. Africa has a magic to it that few Americans comprehend until they put boots on the ground there.

Deep understanding of the industry where the specialty treasure originates

Seeking specialty treasure is a challenge that requires you to have a firm understanding of research, of authoritative vetting, and of persistence. Beyond that, I can only give you my encouragement and wish you good luck.

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