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Learn powerful, deep research methods. Do it and use it!

This Book Will Help You Become a Top Notch Researcher!

Finding good sites to metal detect is hard work. Finding them without research is near impossible. In this comprehensive book, we’ll guide you to wonderful resources and show you useful skills to aid you in your quest.  Research isn’t easy, often confusing. You will have to work to get excellent results, but if you’ve found this site, you clearly are working to improve your skills.

If you are like me, you want to find good sites to hunt, and rule out crappy ones. Not only will you learn how to find good leads, you will develop skill to throw some of those leads out based on primary and secondary source criteria. You’ll learn how to spot “iffy” sources and recognize author bias. Best of all, you will develop critical thinking skills.

25 years ago, I really, really needed this book. It would have saved me so much time. Do yourself a favor, buy, borrow, or steal a copy. (I’d rather you buy one.)


Research is the Key to Success!

Want to be successful?  Metal detecting is all about research. Jars of gold coins are hard to find. Even harder if you don’t do proper research. Ever wanted to learn how to find virgin coinhunting spots? Or get leads on buried caches of coins?  The research methods are presented herein, but only for those who want to learn the craft.
Within these pages you will find wisdom and knowledge of how to do proper research for treasure hunting and metal detecting. Written by a seasoned professional who is retiring from the field and wants to show others how to be great at researching treasure leads and coinhunting sites.

Not only will you use these skills for identifying metal detecting sites, you will also find these skills useful in business and life.

Most Metal Detecting books tell you to buy this book.

OK, maybe not this exact book, that is a slight exaggeration. But they are pointing indirectly to this book. Almost all metal detecting books say “go research”, but don’t explicitly tell you how. This is that critical step in your metal detecting career you’ve been missing. The how, where, why and what of researching for juicy sites to detect. This isn’t a small, wimpy book. It is 214 pages in paperback form. (Bear in mind this is the e-book version offered, look on Amazon for the paperback)

Charles Garrett of Garrett detectors has always said ‘Go research”. It is frustrating to be given incomplete instructions. This guide will take you the rest of the way.  Also, you will find other ways to use your research knowledge that will aid you the rest of your life. Including critical thinking skills.


Concern you may have:

“Is this some thin crappy e-book knocked out fast?”

Nope. It is 214 pages (in paperback form). As we’ve said, this is a full sized reference book to make you a better researcher. This book was written after presenting the topic on deep web research to my fellow metal detecting clubs. Over several workshops, I discovered my fellow members didn’t even know the basics on research. Eventually, the workshops morphed into this book. And now you know the rest of the story.

“Does the author even know about metal detecting and research?”

Yes. Otto Von Helsing is an avid researcher, field explorer,  and treasure hunter residing in Texas. He holds multiple engineering degrees, has recovered treasures (over 25 years) from 3 continents,  and maybe saved the world on one occasion. However, his wife still makes him take out the trash.   He believes strongly in teaching others research skills, and hopes metal detectorists will use their soon-to-be-learned research skills in their workplace, home-life, and other useful areas. Maybe even save the world, too.

“There are a lot of junk e-books out there. What if this is another crappy one?”

No kidding, there are plenty of junk treasure hunting books out there. I had to review the new ones when doing research of existing literature, most are awful.  Some I approve of are Dick Stout’s books and of course, Karl von Mueller’s. But to put folks minds at ease, the I’m insisting on offering a…

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Maroon

   100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Why? In simple words…

‘A great deal of time and effort went into this book over many years to provide readers with hard, no nonsense, usable knowledge. Years of hard knocks learning the ropes have given me some wisdom that I’d like to pass on.  If you read this book and just don’t ‘get it’ or you think you didn’t get your moneys worth, then ask for a refund via your online purchase point.


For the protection of the average hobbiest, to make sure our fellow metal detectorist is 100% covered. Fair is fair. 

100% Guarantee, No questions.’



“There have been many books published on the subject of doing research. This book
brings the art of researching into the 21st Century, utilizing 21st Century methods
and tools. These methods and tools are explained in a very understandable manner
by an author who has been there and done that.
Whether you are seeking leads to follow, researching a local treasure story, doing
genealogical research, or any other type of research for business purposes, this book
helps to light the way.”      -Jay Foss, owner of Research Unlimited (formerly Examano Press under Karl von Mueller)

Chapters of interest:

-Obtaining Treasure Leads
-Purging Treasure Leads
-A Primer on Internet Searching including Deep Web Tactics
-Research Tools to use and employ
-Authority Rank or “Should I trust that guy?”
-Map Resources for historical and current images
-State Library Assets
-Research Workflow
-How to Do Proper Reconnaissance
-Treasure Sense and Common Sense
-Hunt Locally, Research Locally
-Record Keeping and Field Usage
-Example Workflows of Research
-Wizard’s First Rule and the KGC (Knights of the Golden Circle) and Other Silly Legends

and of course, very strong critical thinking skills.  Such skills are badly needed in this hobby and profession.

Improve your hunting, Improve you life skills – BUY THIS BOOK!

I’ve chosen to price the e-book inexpensively at $6.95 so that even the penny pinching retirees can not turn it down.  You need this book to reduce stress and improve hunting.







P.S.  Free extras!

Don’t wait, don’t put it off. There really IS useful info in here for everyone. Info  that will be useful the rest of your life. Just do it. Learn it now instead of a decade from now.

As a sweetener, I’m going to throw in 5  FREE public domain treasure books from yesteryear. They are scanned copies of books from the 1800’s and 1900’s. I include them in the offer because I’m a believer in this hobby and I really want folks to learn good research skills.


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