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for PDF version – How to Research for Teasure_Hunting -_pdf  (about 20MB download)

if you want the ePub version – How to Research for Treasure_Hunting – ePub (about 4MB download)

You have bought a very good book on research, we dearly hope you go an apply this in both your hobby and your life. These research tools have many uses in many ways.

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The book you just bought is a fine reference tome.  You should be very happy with it.  However, I would like to make you even happier!

As an old researcher and enthusiast of treasure hunting fiction books, I’m including some FREE books that you may enjoy. These include both FICTION and NON FICTION. I want to be explicit  so you don’t think they are all true.  These books are old, out of print, and with expired copyright (pre 1923).  However, they are quite enjoyable and useful, but no longer have any marketing budget being spent on them to tell you how good they are. I present them to you as a courtesy, treasure hunter to treasure hunter.  Good reading for snow days.

Non Fiction

Recovery of the Thetis  (1836) – 6MB download

Coin Hoards by Sydney Noe (1920)  – 16MB download


A Paraguayan Treasure by Alexander Baillie (1887) – epup –  1MB

Book of Buried Treasure (1911) – epub – 2MB download

Lafitte Pirate of the Gulf (1836) – 12MB download


If you had any problem with any download, please contact us, so we can fix it.