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Major 12th century coin hoard found

Good research pays off again! ————————- Metal detector enthusiasts in Buckinghamshire have uncovered what is thought to be one of biggest hoards of ancient coins ever found in Britain. Paul Coleman from the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club discovered more than 5,000 coins buried inside a lead bucket two feet under a field near Aylesbury. The … Continue reading »

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Second Jewish Revolt Coin Hoard Found

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority have unearthed a cache of 114 bronze coins, dating to the Year Four of the Great Revolt, at an archaeological site on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  On one side, the coins are stamped with a chalice and the Hebrew inscription “To the Redemption of Zion.”…

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Good research brings in $14 million

Following up on leads using analysis to figure out whether they are worth pursuing or not. In this case, they felt the lead was believable and viable. “Reg Mead and Richard Miles, two English metal detector enthusiasts, have discovered a trove of approximately 50,000 coins dating back to the Iron Age (2,000 years … Continue reading »

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British Gold Coin Hoard Found from Roman Times

Source: Armed with a basic metal detector, a first-time treasure hunter in Britain reportedly has uncovered a trove of Roman-era gold coins that experts believe represents one of the largest such finds in England’s history. The cache of coins – Roman solidi dating back to the 4 th century – is estimated to be … Continue reading »

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