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Hidden Jewel of a Treasure Hunting Book

There are crappy treasure hunting books, and there are great treasure hunting books. However, there are few awesome treasure hunting books.  I have found an extraordinary one, and wish to share. Written in 1933, somewhere in Great Britain, this tome clearly represented a lifetime of passionate research. At first, I believed it was a PhD … Continue reading »

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Treasure Lead Generation pages added

Research is a critical part of treasure hunting, but you need a lead to start your research in earnest. So I’ve put up a bit about where to get initial leads, and then the research can begin. Treasure Lead Generation

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Treasure Hunting Research Book Coming

There is a big need for a comprehensive that teaches solid research techniques for the treasure hunter.  I mean, there is a lot of crap out there, and there are a lot of people who believe that crap.  The intermediate to advanced treasure hunter should really have the ability to vet these stories for themselves … Continue reading »

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Treasure Hunting Book Reviews are finally up

There are so few good reviews of treasure books by treasure hunters, that I’ve opted to put my collection up and a review on each. Treasure Hunting Book Reviews If anyone has good reviews they would like added, just put a comment on the page, and I’ll copy and paste your review and credit your … Continue reading »

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