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FREE Books

Treasure Hunting Books for Free!

Below are Treasure Hunting books that are interesting. Both FICTION and NON-FICTION. Don’t get the two confused, please. There are plenty of crappy THing books claiming to be non-fiction that are fiction. Like Sentinel / Confederate Gold.

The books below are now public domain, meaning their copyright has expired. Because of this, there is no longer any marketing budget being spent to promote these books. Therefore, you may never have heard about them.   Being how some of them where written in the 1800s and early 1900s, their use of grammar is a bit different. Fear not, they are all good books.

Note of warning – many of these books were converted into epubs via the Microsoft or Google scanning effort. Because of this the OCR scanned words into gibberish quite often, ie. Texas might be T3xas.  So low quality isn’t my fault, blame Google.

Non Fiction

Recovery of the Thetis  (1836) – 6MB download

Coin Hoards by Sydney Noe (1920)  – 16MB download

Texas Research Non Fiction

Life and Confessions of James Copeland, the Great Southern Land Pirate by Dr Pitts (1874) -epub

A Brief History of Texas by Baker (1873) – epub

Bibliography of Texas by Raines, ( 1896) – epub

History of South American and Mexico with a Complete view of Texas by John Niles, (1837?) – epub – rough. 24MB!

Athanase de Mezieres and the Louisiana-Texas Frontier 1768-1780, Vol II of Spain in the West (1914) – epub

Complete History of the Late Mexican War (1850) – epub

Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd (1914) – epub

The Early History of Galveston by Dyer (1916) – epub

Early Times in Texas by Duval (1892) – epub

A History of Central and Western Texas by Paddock (1911) – epub

 Journal of the Sucession Convention of Texas (1861) – epub

Journey through Texas (1859) – epub – weird layout

A history of Texas by Wortham (1922) – epub (190MB)


A Paraguayan Treasure by Alexander Baillie (1887) – epup –  1MB a good tale

Book of Buried Treasure (1911) – epub – 2MB download

Lafitte Pirate of the Gulf (1836) – 12MB download